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Hold That Scene by R&R Partnership Enterprises Inc

R & R Partnership Enterprises, Inc. DBA Hold That Scene

R & R Partnership Enterprises, Inc. DBA Hold That Scene

R & R Partnership Enterprises, Inc. DBA Hold That SceneR & R Partnership Enterprises, Inc. DBA Hold That Scene



Incident Scene Investigation

"Hold That Scene" procedures for evaluation and documentation of an incident scene include, but are not limited to: a detailed series of demonstrative photos, sketch documentation, evaluation/recovery of potential evidence, witness interviews and security video review.  Incident Scene Investigation is often requested for response to the scene of a crime or accident to establish or refute guilt or liability.

Evidence Recovery and Chain of Custody

Whether evidence is recovered from the scene of an incident or received by transfer of custody, attention to detail must be utilized if there is a possibility of future litigation. Careful documentation of evidence and it's recovery or receiving process is extremely important, as is the chain of custody throughout all processes. The integrity of evidence must be maintained continuously.


Our Investigators are experienced surveillance specialists with the ability to limit visibility while maintaining the best vantage point possible . "Hold That Scene" uses high resolution photo and/or video as called for or requested. Surveillance is commonly used to confirm residency, activity or whereabouts of individuals. The resulting information obtained through surveillance may be particularly useful in cases such as personal injury or benefit eligibility and is often  used in conjunction with Due Diligence and Persons Location.

Due Diligence

"Hold That Scene" will pursue every aspect of an investigation using any or all of our services to confirm or refute all claimed or alleged information regarding a subject. Due diligence is frequently requested by clients prior to entering into significant agreements such as business contracts, or high-value sales, or for personal reasons related to domestic issues such as marriage or custody cases. Due Diligence is also very effective  for fraud detection and cost avoidance by individuals, businesses and government/municipal agencies.

Skip Trace

When it becomes necessary to locate an individual for any number of reasons, "Hold That Scene" applies a combination of due diligence, background investigations and Surveillance. 

Background Investigation

Background Investigations by "Hold That Scene" are conducted through the use of multiple databases. The resulting database information is then organized and analyzed to provide accurate results.  This is often used in conjunction with Due Diligence surveillance and/or Skip Tracing.