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Hold That Scene by R&R Partnership Enterprises Inc

Hold That Scene
R&R Partnership Enterprises Inc.

Robert Saenz


 Robert Saenz (Bob) began his career in 1983 when he enlisted in the U.S. Navy. Bob remained on active duty for nine years until 1992, he received 18 months of propulsion engineering schooling and was assigned to the aircraft carrier USS America (CV-66), USS Preble (DDG-46), and Naval Station New York. Honors include the Navy Achievement Medal, two National Defense awards, five major deployments, and five good conduct awards. He continued military service as a drilling reservist until retirement in 2004. From 1992-1996 Bob worked in general contracting, and from 1996-1999 he re-entered the engineering field as a power plant assistant engineer with the Montenay Power company. Bob is also a volunteer Firefighter, Safety Officer, and Emergency Medical Technician in West Islip, NY, with over twenty years of service. 

          In 1999  Bob entered the New York City Police Department. This change in career was partly due to inspiration from an Uncle (Matt Bentivegna) who retired from Law enforcement and encouragement from fellow firefighter and NYPD Police officer Rob Bilella. His first assignment was patrol in the 69th precinct. In 2004 Bob was transferred to Brooklyn North Narcotics 75 module (East New York).  Bob has made hundreds of arrests during his career, and in 2006 was promoted to Detective. In 2007 Bob transferred to the Crime Scene Unit and joined long time friend Rob Bilella eventually becoming Detective partners. The NYPD Crime Scene Unit primarily responds to homicides, sexual assaults, and most high profile crimes. Bob has investigated over 700 cases while as a Detective and has focused his career on forensics. He has been declared a testimonial expert investigations by the New York State Supreme court and is certified by the International Association of Identifiers  as a Crime Scene Investigator. In 2015 Bob Retired from the NYPD.

     Bob co-founded "Hold That Scene" as a continuing partnership with Rob Bilella. In 2015 the business incorporated to become "R&R- Hold That Scene" and continues to grow.