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Hold That Scene by R&R Partnership Enterprises Inc

Hold That Scene
R&R Partnership Enterprises Inc.

Robert Bilella


     Robert Bilella (Rob) began his career in 1985 with with his brothers in a family automotive business operated by Rob's father John. By 1992 Rob's interest in law enforcement led him to begin a new career in the New York City Police Department. His first assignment was patrol in the 104th precinct. In 1998 Rob was transferred to the Queens North Evidence Collection Team (ECT) where he began to focus his career on forensics. In 2002 he was transferred to the elite NYPD Crime Scene Unit which responds to a more limited criteria than ECT. NYPD Crime Scene Unit primarily responds to homicides, sexual assaults, and most high profile crimes. Rob was promoted to Detective in 2004 and was later joined in the Crime Scene Unit by Bob Saenz, eventually becoming Detective partners. Rob investigated over 800 cases during his career. He has been declared a testimonial expert in investigations by the New York State Supreme court. Rob was promoted to Sergeant before retiring form the NYPD in 2013.

     Rob has also been serving his community as a member of the West Islip Fire Department since 1996. He currently serves as Chief of Department which is a departmentally elected position that demands an extremely high level of skill, training, and commitment. Rob has responded to thousands of runs which include fires, motor vehicle accidents, ambulance calls, and water rescues.

     Rob co-founded "Hold That Scene" as a continuing partnership with Robert Saenz. In 2015 the business incorporated to become "R&R- Hold That Scene" and continues to grow.